Asia Bikini Fashion Model

Bikini fashion models may be used to display or promote various types of clothing, such as lingerie, swimsuit, bikinis, etc. Other models may be used in showroom, fit modeling, fitness or sporty modeling. Some are used for petite modeling or plus-size modeling.

Ai Shinozaki Young Asia Women Bikini

Ai Shinozaki is a dark and mysterious girl who becomes a Corrector on her own in the 2nd season after the Teddy Bear of the "missing little girl" stole Yui's original ComCon for Ai so she could help his little mistress. In the beginning,Yui wanted to become friends with Ai,but Ai seemed not to be interested.Also,Yui disliked Corrector Ai because she thought she was cold and heartless,not knowing that Corrector Ai was Ai's alter ego and not finding out until much later.
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